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Finca Don Rafas,
La Leona Waterfall Costa Rica
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"Life is a journey and whoever travels lives twice"

– Omar Khayyam

La Leona Waterfall

The waterfall acquires the name of "La Leona" from the time of our ancestors who were mainly dedicated to livestock, who with this activity were narrowing the habitat of the native felines of the area that were forced to hunt domestic animals and when the inhabitants tracked these felines were directed to the sites that today function as trails, calling these places in particular as "La Leona".

At that time there were pools, trails, farms, paddocks, among other places all with the name of "La Leona" remaining until today the name of the Waterfall. Continue reading ->

Finca don rafas la leona Curubande

Services in our facilities:


Baths and showers

Parking for vehicles

Recreational places

Information area

Catarata La Leona FInca Don Rafas Curubande
Finca don rafas la leona Curubande

Frequent questions?

Through our website, email info@fincadonrafas.com, whatsapp +506 8588-1563 or by phone +506 8588-1563.

We offer in our facilities ample parking, Soda with wood-fired food, complete bathrooms with showers, camping areas.

We are located in Curubandé of Liberia Guanacaste.

Our opening hours from 7 am to 4 pm for tours.

The camping area works 24/7 and is open 365 days a year.

The recommendations are that they be tall cars with good traction, 4×4 and 4×2, but we are working on the highway to improve access.

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4 thoughts on “Inicio”

  1. A fabulous place, I loved staying at the campsite, the next day doing the tour of the river and the La Leona waterfall, a very nice experience. Thank you for taking care of this beautiful place.

  2. Somos 4 personss. Nos quedamos en aroma del campo por 4 noches. (12-16 de Julio)

    Tiene algo el 13. 14, o 15 de Julio?

    1. Hola, claro tenemos disponibilidad los 3 dias.
      te dejo nustro numero de whatsapp 85881563 para mas informacion

  3. Buenas noches. En mi familia somos 7 personas. Cuanto cuestan 2 noches en la zona de camping. Nos interesa saber para ir a conocer a principios de febrero. Y si permiten que llevemos nuestra comida. Y con baños y duchas. También quisiera saber si tienen para alquilar alguna cabaña. Gracias.

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